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Health & Fitness

A crucial part of developing perfect tennis skills and techniques is through consistent health and fitness regimens. You need to build strength, stamina, flexibility, agility and balance, which can give you strong arms for a killer backhand, and leg muscles to quickly move around the court. These are the focus areas that our fitness gym and personal trainers provide at Giammalva Racquet Club. We believe that tennis is more than just a sport–it’s about staying active while having fun!

fitness gym
fitness gym

Want Something For Your Whole Family?

We want to make fitness and tennis fun activities where your whole family stays fit together and enjoys a healthy, family-friendly activity. Our memberships enhance all family member’s experience by offering adult tennis and fitness programs as well as youth tennis and fitness activities–there’s something for everyone! Discover what Giammalava Racquet Club can provide for you and your entire family by joining today!

Full Fitness Gym & Aerobic Room

Weight resistance exercise–when done properly–has tremendous benefits not only for muscles but also for bones, joints, organs, and even our mind. In addition, even an excellent tennis player can often significantly improve their game by improving muscle tone, endurance, and strength.

Membership to Giammalva Racquet Club gets you access to our full gym amenities, which includes:

  • Free weights
  • Weight machines
  • Cardio equipment – including, treadmills, bicycle machines, and ellipticals
fitness gym
fitness gym
fitness gym
fitness gym

Group Fitness Classes

Our personal trainers specifically design programs to help reduce the aches and pains that impact our enjoyment of tennis. The results have all been wonderful. Aching shoulders, sore backs, old, painful leg injuries, and restricted flexibility and mobility have all been noticeably improved. Even though it’s a class, our trainers give personal attention to the specific issues of each class member and scale the programs to address your needs.

YOGA:  Transform body, mind and spirit through a flowing series of postures and breathing skills.  These classes will help you relax and increase flexibility, body awareness and self-control, you will feel refreshed after every class.

HEART RATE ZONE TRAINING:  Monitor your heart rate while you train to work all aspects of your cardiovascular fitness.  This class combines cardio and strength with stations for your core, balance, strength, and power. (Heart rate monitors available for use during class).

BODY RECOVERY:  Great for recovering from, or preparing for physical activity.  Advanced stretching drills and rolling techniques for peak performance.  Foam rolling is a relatively new form of rehab work in the fitness world, but many have already experienced the benefits of these techniques.  Like a deep tissue massage, these exercises work out tight spots and adhesions in your muscles that impede your movement and can even cause pain.  Experience the difference in how you feel and move, and you will want to make it a part of your regular routine.

PEAK FITNESS:  Fun, fast, fat burning exercise for everyone.  This class offers a short circuit training workout that gets your whole body moving and working.  These classes will increase your muscular endurance, cardiovascular health and work capacity.

CORE TRAINING & FALL PREVENTION:  This workout focuses on strengthening the muscles in a way that results in greater balance and body control. By strengthening your balance and core, you can prevent falls and move better. This class can help your movement on the tennis court and in day to day activities where balance is a factor.


Personal Training

ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING:  Our personal trainers are certified and have many years of experience helping people build strong bodies and improve overall health and well-being. They also have the knowledge necessary to help tennis players with specific pains related to playing the game. To sign up for a one-on-one session or group training class, contact us today!

TOTAL TRAINING (SMALL GROUP TRAINING):  These classes are setup at different times depending on the availability of the clients, which offers more flexibility.  Total Training allows each person in the group to have a personalized program and more individual attention since the ratio is never more than four clients to one trainer.  More affordable than one-on-one personal training, but still offering the benefits of custom tailored workout routines.


fitness gym
fitness gym

Heated Olympic Swimming Pool

Our heated Olympic pool is kept at 85 degrees for year round use. The 25-meter pool has six lanes and is great for swimming laps or just enjoying the water. One of our associated businesses, FINS, teaches swimming to both children and adults in our pool all year long. Enjoy a sport that’s both fun and a great for a full body aerobic workout. Membership to Giammalva Racquet Club provides you year-around access to our pool amenities.