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Elite Tennis Academy 

Our Academy program is for high level, competitive juniors, ages 10-18, hoping to play college and professional tennis. We also work with players that are looking to secure a spot in the international circuit.

Every player is a personal project for our staff.  We help students define and achieve their goals in the following ways:

  1. Goal setting and consultations
  2. Dynamic developmental plans and identifying areas of focus
  3. Strong fitness and athletic development programs – view our fitness gym amenities
  4. Tournament scheduling and coaching – view our tennis tournament calendar
  5. College placement services


We want to make tennis a fun activity where your whole family stays fit together and enjoys a healthy, family-friendly activity. Our memberships enhance all family members experience by offering adult tennis programs, kids summer camp, and other youth tennis activities there’s something for everyone! Discover what Giammalava Racquet Club can provide for you and your entire family!

Read on to learn more about the specific programs Giammalva Racquet Club has for elite tennis students or visit  www.giammalvaelite.com

Full-Time Academy


Our Full-Time program is dedicated to players that are not in a regular school system and are seeking a career in an  ATP, WTA ,or a college system in the U.S. We provide food and boarding if needed and players can come weekly or by semester.


Our Program Includes:

  • Video analysis
  • Individual Program
  • Mental Skill Training
  • Coaching at tournaments
  • 2 players, 1 Coach Ratio
Full-time Schedule
  • 4 to 1 Drills
  • Fitness
  • Match Play/Drills

View our Elite Academy flyer for program information.

Weekly Program

Our weekly full-time program gives you an excellent opportunity to experience our community and create relationships with other students from around the world. This program is designed for players that also want a short pre-season. Our coaches contribute as a team to develop your game in the best way possible.

Annual Program 

Our world class coaches will develop your game in every single aspect according to your specific needs in order to help you reach your goals as an ATP, WTA or college player.

elite tennis academy

Elite Academy


Our afternoon Elite program is dedicated for students that are attending a regular school system either middle school or high school.

Are you looking for a stable environment system while seeking a career as an ATP, WTA or college system in the U.S.?


We will develop your game in the following:
  • Time on the court
  • Mechanics and Skill Development
  • Fitness and Conditioning – View our fitness gym amenities
  • Tournaments and Competition – View our tennis tournament calendar
Afternoon Academy
  • Base Level Program
  • 4 to 1 Ratio Drills
  • Fitness

View our Elite Academy flyer for program information.

College Placement Services


Need help finding a good fit for college? We can help by contacting all Division I, II, III, NAIA and junior college coaches and we are familiar with most schools, programs, and teams.

elite tennis academy

Tournament Travel Teams


We attend most ZAT, Champ and Super Champ MZs. A travel team is provided with a hotel, transportation, warm-ups, coaching, and post-tournament evaluations. Tournament coaching and encouragement help give our students the support needed to make competitive breakthroughs.



Develop the best of your game during our holiday camps. GETA has several tennis camps throughout the year during holiday breaks. This camp will allow each player to develop their game and get prepped to start the next season.


elite tennis academy


  • 3 to 1 Drills
  • Fitness
  • Match Play

View our Summer Camp 2021 Elite Academy flyer.


  • 2 to 1 and 4 to 1 student/coach ratio
  • Match play
  • College placement
  • Fitness
  • Travel team
  • Room and Board
  • Transportation
  • Meal Plans

Elite Tennis Classes


High Performance

We work with each child to focus on the development of fundamental skills, progressions, and concepts with the goal to increasingly improve. Two classes per week are recommended. Individual evaluations will be performed along with monthly reviews and progress reports.

View our Elite Academy flyer for program information.


Match Play

Students play different match formats against a variety of opponents. Food is provided such as grilling hamburgers, hot dogs,  or ordering pizza. After the match play, students have time to socialize, eat, and even compete in other games together. Must be approved by coach to participate in match play.

View our Elite Academy flyer for program information.


elite tennis academy

Athletic Development & Fitness

Being strong, fit, coordinated and healthy is an integral part of our elite tennis academy program. Students do group fitness training on the courts with personal trainers and fitness coaches. The increased stamina and strength gained from these activities will provide the necessary contribution to boost your game. Small group training is also available.

Ready to Start Perfecting Your Game? 

If you want to start professional coaching with an end goal to play in college or professionally, contact us today –discover what our elite tennis academy and classes are all about. We can provide you additional information and help you become a club member for full access to our first-rate amenities.