Have you ever wished you could see inside someone else’s mind for just a moment? You wonder how they see the world and what you might learn if you could see what they see. Playing tennis, you may wonder what goes on inside the mind of the great players. What are they thinking when they take those amazing shots? When they win another tournament? When they show up each day for practice? In short, what is inside the mind of a champion?

Understanding the Champion’s Mind

As a champion, you know you will succeed in the end. You know everything- every day of training, every missed shot, and every tournament is an opportunity to improve your craft. You also know you can’t approach life like everyone else. Consider the following inside view to the mind of a champion:

1) Don’t make excuses.

Excuses are your worst enemy. They rob you of dedication and self-discipline. They rob you of taking responsibility for your own success or failure. Dedicate yourself, instead, to learning from every experience, good and bad. View every problem as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. When problems arise, find out what you can learn and work toward a solution.

2) Push your limits.

Staying in your comfort zone on the court is also an enemy. Your comfort zone is where you stay to be comfortable, unnoticed, and the same. A champion’s goal is to push him or herself out of comfort into continual growth and improvement. Push yourself beyond what you think you can do and you’ll always find you can do more than you can imagine. Never settle for “good enough”, but pursue your very best with passion. You will never stay the same and you most likely will be noticed as a champion.

3) Don’t be discouraged by adversity.

Most people give up when things become difficult. They lose sight of their goals and dreams with a little pain and discomfort. That’s why most people aren’t champions. You are not most people. You are a champion and a champion sees adversity as an opportunity to propel him or her forward. Adversity comes at you with momentum designed to make you quit and go home. Turn that momentum around and let it fuel your training and practice and push you to the next level.

4) Monitor your attitude.

Attitude is everything to a champion. As a champion, you understand every great endeavor begins in your mind. Tennis is no different. In fact, tennis is just as much a mental game as it is an athletic competition. You win or lose first in your mind. In your attitude. In your perspective. With the attitude of a champion, you see setbacks, weaknesses, and failures as opportunities to learn and grow. You know that with every missed shot, overpowered serve, and unsuccessful volley, you’re honing your skills and upping your game. You don’t let bad performances get to your head. Instead, you keep showing up because you know a champion is made one step at a time.

5) Never ever quit.

A champion keeps showing up because you are determined to see your goals through to the end, one way or another. There is no other option, no other outcome. Even when it seems you just keep failing, you know you’re getting closer to mastering your craft, so you forge ahead. A champion knows where you’re going and never loses sight of it, even when everyone else has. You keep trying, keep training, and keep showing up. The magic happens when nothing can keep you from showing up.

What’s In Your Mind?

What is in your mind, champion tennis player? As a champion, you are coachable- by your coach, other players, and by your failures. Striving to always be better than you were yesterday, you reach ever-further than your hands can touch. You don’t give up and you don’t let up. You have the champion’s mind and you won’t rest until you get where you’re going. And you will.

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