You know fitness is important to your overall health and your tennis game. However, sticking to a workout routine can prove difficult. You may find yourself escaping to other activities, procrastinating, or simply avoiding your workouts. You know you need accountability, but where do you begin?

Increasing Your Fitness Accountability

Sometimes you simply don’t want to workout. You know you’ll feel better, look better, and have more energy, but sometimes you just can’t put one foot in front of the other. However, if you want to play tennis and improve your game, fitness is essential. The key is keeping yourself accountable. Consider the following 5 tips for accountability in your workouts.

1) Share your goals

Whether in a group or with a couple of friends, share your fitness goals and timeline. If you have a friend who is also focused on fitness, commit to keeping each other accountable. Ask each other questions about your workouts each week. There is power in numbers. Alternatively, post your fitness goals on social media or find an accountability group online.

2) Create a workout schedule

There’s something about seeing your workout schedule written down. Put it on a calendar somewhere you will see often throughout the day. Cross out each workout as you go. Progress is a great motivator.

3) Consider a long-term program

It’s much easier to stick with a long-term fitness program than to choose random workouts and classes as you go. All the planning and organization is done for you. All you have to do is stick to the plan. You are committing up front for an extended period of time. It will be long enough to form new habits and break old ones. Also, consider working with a personal trainer.

4) Disconnect all devices

Your digital devices offer many options for skipping out on workouts. Social media, streaming videos, and games are all common ways to escape your routine. Install an app on your devices and program it to shut you out during your scheduled workout times. Do away with all distractions.

5) Sleep in your workout clothes

If you’re scheduled to workout in the morning, try sleeping in your workout clothes the night before. This gives you an extra step and forces you to acknowledge if you’re deciding to skip a workout. It can be an effective safeguard to ensure you don’t miss workouts.  

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Fitness is essential to your optimal health and to getting the most out of playing tennis. The more fit you are , the better you’ll play and the longer you’ll last on the court. It’s important to remain steady and consistent in your workouts. To that end, accountability is a must. Get started with this guide to fitness accountability and join our fitness classes to work with a personal trainer today.