Looking for a better workout? How about one that incorporates cardiovascular, strength training, and a brain workout all at the same time. Incredibly, that’s only the beginning of the health benefits of playing tennis. Get to know the following 5 top benefits of this amazing sport.

Tennis Health Benefits You Need to Know

There are countless new workout programs and gimmicks popping up left and right. You can spend a lot of money trying to find the best workout regimin. Few of them, however, can match the full body workout of tennis. Take a look at these incredible health benefits of this fast-paced game.

1) It’s good for your heart

Tennis demands a series of quick sprints over a 1 to 2 hour period of time. It increases your heart rate, pumping oxygen and nutrients to your muscles more efficiently.As your aerobic capacities improve, it also enables your muscles to better utilize the oxygen they receive. They will tire more slowly and at higher performance levels. Over time, playing tennis lowers your resting heart rate and blood pressure. It also lowers the risk for heart attack, stroke, and heart disease.

2) Control your body fat

You’re constantly on your feet, moving fast, and making sudden directional changes. It’s a workout for your entire body as you run, swing, pivot, and stretch. You can burn between 400 to 600 calories an hour which is great for reducing and controlling body fat. A lot of people find they can burn more calories when they play tennis than with many other physical activities.  

3) Improve your balance and flexibility

Your entire body must work together to play the game of tennis, working your legs, arms, hands, and torso. This coordination of the full body requires flexibility and balance. Each shot you take improves this coordination, increasing your balance and flexibility. This means you’re lowering your risk of injury and stretching your range of motion.

4) Tone your muscles

You run, swing your arms, stop, start, jump, and crouch down. You move side to side, forward and backward and various speeds.You make sudden and frequent directional changes as you navigate the court after the ball. Unique among other sports, tennis is truly a workout for the entire body. Your legs, shoulders, arms, hands, upper back, and lower back all get a good workout. You strengthen your core muscles. Playing tennis regularly is an optimal rigorous strength training routine for your whole body.

5) Stimulate your brain

Tennis combines physics with geometry and requires tactical and creative thinking. You must be alert to plan and develop shot patterns and make split second decisions. Your brain must coordinate many different parts of your body to play and improve your game. This improves neural connections the more you play. Not only that, but the game of tennis requires a good amount of thinking and strategy, much like the game of chess. You must think fast and execute tactical moves with precision. This has even been shown to improve memory and learning.

Move Better, Feel Better

Stay fit, keep your heart healthy, give your muscles a regular workout, improve your balance and flexibility, AND improve cognitive skills. On top of all of that, it even makes you feel better and improves your mood. Whether you play recreationally or competitively, tennis is one sport that gives you an optimal full body and brain workout, every time. And it’s fun! What’s more, these tennis health benefits are just the beginning.

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