In this update Christie talks about the excellent progress she made with her weight loss by sticking to her healthy lifestyle.

I wanted to give an update on how everything is going. The nutrition and fitness has been going really well. Sometimes I feel though I should have dropped more weight or inches but I know miracles do not happen over night. I have been watching what I am eating and drinking and have been working with Kelly Swanson, trainer at Giammalva. Kelly is no push over. I began my journey on 1/15/16. Per my assessment I was at a average body fat of 36% (not good) with a body index of 32. My lean body mass is 112# and fat body mass 63#. Ok so these numbers are not great, ok they are horrible. However, for me I know that I have not been taking very good care of myself and knew my numbers were not going to be great.

So as anyone would feel, I felt horribly fat and of course you see the words “OBESE” and really freak out!!! So after I went through the shock of really thinking “Oh My Gosh I am soooo fat” it actually made me mad and more determined than ever. I told myself “I do not want to look like this or feel sluggish or lazy anymore”. I think we all go through every day life thinking everything is good. Moms are always on the run with house, kids, activities, dinner and etc. that we forget ourselves many times. Well this time I have made up my mind that I am FIRST and I am going to live a long and healthy lifestyle.

My workouts with Kelly were brutal but those numbers and pictures made me more determined and brought out the ‘Tough Girl”. I have been doing Kelly’s yoga classes on Mondays and have enjoyed and hated at the same time. The yoga is a total body workout. Now don’t get me wrong I stayed strong and focused but at the end of the class I felt like a new person full of life. Tuesday and Thursday workouts consisted of me being held accountable to do the routines that were assigned to me. I wasn’t sure I could do it but I remember the initial assessment and said I got this! Wednesday and Fridays I work out with Kelly, she is a tough cookie but LOVE the support and toughness she brings to the gym.

Its time, assessment time! On 2/24/16 it was time to see what was happening!!!! Ok so here we go:

1/15/16 36% body fat 2/24/16 34% body fat
body fat 32 body fat 31.1
lean body mass 112 lean body mass 112.2
fat body mass 63 fat body mass 57.8

Wow!!! I am so excited my numbers have dropped!!! I have lost 2% body fat and gone from 63 to 57.8 fat body mass. Now this to me is amazing. This is what happens when you are motivated, driven and changing to a healthy lifestyle the healthy way, good food and determination. Of course, a great Trainer. Kelly isn’t just a trainer to me but a friend who wishes the best for me and is there for me on good and bad days.