By Jared Evans

Unplug and eat!

Today I was reflecting on a camping trip from late last year. It was sometime in mid-December when I spent a couple days in the woods in a cabin, it was a great chance to disconnect. No phone, TV, and no social media, it was awesome.

One thing I got from it was a clearer sense of my hunger cues while eating. Usually I eat breakfast while watching videos on my phone. And while they usually are educational podcasts to help me be a better coach, sometimes it is just entertainment

Regardless of the content, the point still holds true. Distracted eating dulls your sense of fullness, taking you longer to feel full and makes you eat more.

I know from what I have studied and from common sense that you will be able to enjoy your food more without distractions. And you will get a better sense of when you are full if you just pay attention to what you are doing while eating. Still, I rarely do this! But sometimes, this may actually be helpful, I’ll explain.

One of my reasons for sometimes eating distractedly is that I am currently working to put on muscle weight. In this case you need to eat more food, and if you are naturally skinny like me, (ectomorph) then it can be really difficult to eat enough. In this case being distracted and eating faster can allow you to get more food in your system. Sometimes you have to even force yourself to eat if you struggle to build muscle. But I realize most people don’t need to worry about this.

On the flipside, if you are trying to lose weight or even maintain your weight, I highly recommend eating when you aren’t distracted or rushed to get more in tune with your body and what it really needs and not what you think it needs. It will help you enjoy your food more, and if you are trying to lose weight, you will get full much sooner than you think!

Oh and if you can get outside, that’s also a plus. Enjoy!