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Welcome to Giammalva

Giammalva Racquet Club located in Northwest Houston is a tennis club where friends and families can join together for fun and fitness. Adult and youth programs are designed to build participants’ agility, strength, and tennis techniques. We promote tennis, fitness and health, family involvement, and friendships. We are more than just a facility, we are a lifestyle.


Learn how to boost your tennis game or join friends for a fun match!


Our many tennis programs & classes are made for students of all ages and skill levels starting from beginner to elite.


A full-service gym with weights, cardio, personal trainers, fitness classes, and an Olympic pool.


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Playing Tennis is the least risk of all

Playing Tennis is the least risk of all

Tennis is risk level 1! Playing tennis is the least risk of all! There's also little concern with playing tennis, the experts said.  Spacing is part of the game, it's typically outdoors and there's only two to four people on a court.  While some sports activities...

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A workout to build toughness.

A workout to build toughness.

By Jared Evans A workout to build toughness Looking for a workout to build your biceps and your ability to toughen up? Well look no further! As I promised, here is how you can combine different survival building skills into one workout. This can be done a few times a...

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Delicious meals using canned food.

Delicious meals using canned food.

By Jared Evans Delicious meals using canned food. Some of you may still be at a loss when trying to navigate the relatively empty grocery store aisles these days. Or maybe you are just pressed for time and can't get fresh food as much as you want. Keeping in mind the...

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