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Youth Tennis Lessons | Junior High & High School  

This program is for beginner to intermediate Junior High and High School students. Generally, they will all be between 11 and 18 years old.

Our youth tennis lessons and classes are catered to students between 11-18 years old. If you’re looking for a sport that’s fun while also building your physical activity level, tennis is the perfect option! Although we offer programs for kids wanting to play tennis professionally, Giammalva Racquet Club also has classes for students who want to play and learn a sport just for enjoyment!

We want to make tennis a fun activity where your whole family stays fit together and enjoys a healthy, family-friendly activity. Our memberships enhance all family members’ experience by offering adult tennis programs, kids summer camp, and other youth tennis activities–there’s something for everyone! Discover what Giammalava Racquet Club can provide for you and your entire family!

Youth Tennis Classes & Programs

Our goal is to provide a safe, wholesome place where kids can improve, play, belong and have fun! We hope to nurture and encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle for young people. Teenagers that play tennis are healthier, have higher self-esteem, and make better grades. And, our carefully designed classes provide that perfect environment.

High Performance

We work with each child to focus on the development of fundamental skills, progressions, and concepts with the goal to increasingly improve. Two classes per week are recommended.


View our Summer 2021 JH/HS Schedule.


Live Ball 

This live play atmosphere features cooperative, goal-oriented drills and games, competitive match play, and much more. It gives students the repetition needed from skills learned during high-performance classes in a competitive yet fun environment.  All students must attend at least one hour of high-performance classes per week and have coach permission to attend live ball. Students must be approved by coach to participate.

Match Play 

Students play different match formats against a variety of opponents. Food is provided such as grilling hamburgers, hot dogs,  or ordering pizza. After the match play, students have time to socialize, eat, and even compete in other games together. Must be approved by coach to participate in match play.


Elite Tennis Academy

Our elite tennis academy is for high level, motivated, and competitive junior and collegiate players. Participants attend five days per week and typically have a 4 to 1 ratio, but often a 2 to 1, which offers a more individualized approach to training.

Ready to Start Playing? 

 To sign up for a junior high or high school program or class, contact us today. We can provide you additional information regarding youth tennis lessons or help you join our membership program.