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Off-Campus PE Credits

Many children have no interest in participating in school PE programs, yet PE credits are required to graduate. What’s the alternative? off-campus PE programs give students the ability to meet both needs.Giammalva Racquet Club is an approved off-campus PE credit provider–that means students take tennis lessons at Giammalva and have it count toward their PE credits at school.

Parents must talk to a school counselor in order to sign up and receive school credit. This program is offered for elementary, junior high, and high school students.

Interested in learning tennis lessons for junior high & high school students? View our classes and programs!

Want Something For Your Whole Family?

We want to make tennis a fun activity where your whole family stays fit together and enjoys a healthy,family-friendly activity. Our memberships enhance all family members experience by offering adult tennis programs and other youth tennis activities there’s something for everyone! Discover what Giammalava Racquet Club can provide for you and your entire family!

School Assemblies

Giammalva Racquet Club has developed a program to benefit the schools and their athletic programs. Taught in the elementary and junior high schools of Klein Independent School District and many of the private schools in our community, this program introduces students to the game of tennis.

Many children have no idea how much fun tennis can be, especially with these modifications:

  • Downsized nets
  • Smaller courts
  • Shorter racquets
  • Slower balls that allow them to actually rally

School Programs

Giammalva staff and pros take equipment to participating schools and conduct assemblies for a day of teaching children tennis fundamentals and hands-on playing. Afterwards, they leave the equipment with the PE teachers for two weeks, along with a curriculum for the teachers to use during the PE classes.

In many instances, children discover that they not only like playing tennis but they’re also good at it! Most importantly, this gives children a chance to participate in an active sport while getting involved with something fun.

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