Ok, so this is a story about a guy who made up his job. Yes, it was about tennis and it took place on the tennis court and even took place in different countries. Starting in Europe and then Asia, South America, Canada, and 30 plus states in the USA this guy had the idea to make tennis fun and “funny” to watch. Entertaining crowds at tournaments, private tennis clubs and even in parking lots of supermarkets sponsored by a products that can be purchased in the store. After four hard years in the United States, he got his break meeting with an international agent in New York at the Masters tennis event held at Madison Square Garden. When all was said and done, BIJOU left with a contract for six months with a home base in Paris, France.

True Story . . .there was a crazy weekend several years into the twelve years he spent in Europe doing his job. Being well known in the tennis world in Europe, he started getting booked and sometimes overbooked. This is one of those times. Somehow he got three contracts over a weekend which in itself is not a big deal but the contracts were in three different countries. Oops, who does that?

Starting in Paris the group, Bijou, Basker “the sounds effects guy”, and Philipe “the straight-man” took off at 4:00 a.m. to drive to Grenoble, France to do a show for a tennis club later that same afternoon. They arrived in the nick of time, set up and performed their show – finishing at 6:00 p.m. that same evening. One down two to go.  They ate quickly and took off for the second show in Monaco, Monte Carlo.  Driving all night long and arriving at the private tennis club only a few hours before the on-court performance,  they managed to pull off a great show for the pleasure of the crowd.  The second show of the three was now complete. Throwing everything in the small van, they took off again as soon as the show was done to set site on the final destination – Geneva, Switzerland. This was the hardest leg of the adventure, do to timeline, distance and routings to the city. There was Angel looking over the group and fortunately no policemen seeing the van breaking all the speed limits in every city from Monte Carlo to Geneva. Hardly having slept, they somehow managed to make it just in time. Again, getting there with just enough time to set up, check the microphones and warm up the group.  They put on a well received show before the main exhibition game by two international players ranked at the time in the top ten world rankings. So there you have it, three shows in three countries in a twenty four hour period.  Check out the video on our YouTube Channel!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMh8hrngTOg

Author:  Henri Elkins, Pro, Giammalva Racquet Club