It’s no secret that exercise and playing sports are great for your heart health. Playing tennis just happens to be the best. Being a game you can enjoy at any age, tennis is well suited for maintaining your best heart health for a lifetime.

Playing Tennis and Your Heart

Your heart is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to every cell and organ of your body. Keeping your heart in optimal health is essential to your overall general health. Consider the following 3 ways playing tennis is great for your heart health:

1) Improves general heart health

Playing tennis is both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. Aerobic fitness is ideal for burning fat, improving your cardiovascular health, and maintaining high energy levels. Anaerobic fitness allows your muscles to use oxygen more efficiently with short intense bursts of activity followed by rest. Tennis increases oxygen intake while getting your heart rate up. This helps your body get oxygen and nutrients to your cells and muscles more efficiently.

2) Achieves maximum heart rate

The American College of Sports medicine recommends a 60% to 90% maximum heart rate for aerobic conditioning. When you play tennis, your heart achieves this maximum heart rate. If you keep playing, this type of regular long-term workout for your heart will strengthen your heart. You may develop what is known as an athlete’s heart.

3) Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

A tennis match normally lasts one to two hours and the pacing is ideal for improving your cardiovascular health. Improving your heart health lowers your risk for heart attack, heart disease, and stroke. Aerobics reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease by 36 percent, swimming reduces it by 36 percent, while tennis reduces it by a whopping 56 percent.

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Of all the benefits of playing tennis, keeping your heart healthy ranks high on the list. The best part is you can do this and have a ton of fun along the way. Don’t just think about tennis and your heart, begin playing today for a healthier life.

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