You may have enjoyed playing tennis for some time or be considering getting started, and you wonder if it’s good for the whole family. Perhaps you wonder, specifically, if it’s good for your kids. The short answer is a resounding YES! Tennis is truly a sport for all ages.

5 Reasons for Keeping Kids Active with Tennis

In our fast-food, tablet-dominated culture, it can be difficult to get your kids to exercise or even go outside. Tennis is fun and rewarding and they may not even notice they’re exercising until they already love it. Consider the following 5 reasons to get your kids out on the court:

1) Anybody can play.

Kids of all ages, sizes, and skill levels can play. They can start right where they are, whether they’ve played before or not. You can find all the equipment they’ll need sized right for your kids.

2) You can play or practice anywhere, anytime.

Your kids can practice their tennis skills right in your driveway, in a basement, or at the park. You can play on various surfaces 12 months a year. The weather doesn’t even matter because you can play indoors or outdoors.

3) Your kids are safe.

Tennis is a no-contact sport which means less chance for injury. Tennis serves as a safe and healthy way to keep your kids active.

4) Develops gross and fine motor skills.

Playing tennis develops gross motor skills by conditioning large muscle groups as you move around the court and hit the tennis balls. It develops fine motor skills by conditioning smaller muscle groups and improving your muscle precision through specialized hits. It’s also great for building hand-eye coordination.

5) More than just tennis.

Learning to play tennis teaches you much more than just tennis skills. You also learn other life skills like self-discipline, respect for others, and respect for yourself. You learn to succeed playing by the rules and you can even learn teamwork through doubles play. You’ll also learn honor and sportsmanship as players are taught to lose gracefully with dignity and treat each other with respect.

Tennis is Great for Kids

If you’re looking for a great way to encourage your entire family to stay active, tennis is the ideal sport. Everyone can play at their own age and skill level, and your family can have fun staying healthy. Get started with this guide to keeping kids active with tennis.

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