The following is a blog by Christie Collins. She has done a great job of creating new healthy habits and changing her life for the better. We are very happy to have her here at Giammalva, she has a fun and energetic personality with a kind heart. We look forward to helping her achieve her goals in health and fitness this year. Without further ado, this is her journey.

am so excited to have begun a new year with several goals I have set for myself. The first and most important is to be a healthier and happier person. I have done the yo yo diets and weight has gone up and down. I finally reached my point when I began feeling overweight, did not like what I saw in mirror and my attitude (mind set) was like whatever. I wanted to start taking better care of myself number one for me and being able to take care of my family.

It was a blessing when Craig Day approached me regarding fitness and what my ideas or thoughts were on the subject. I like working out but for me I have to be held accountable and have someone standing over me. I met Kelly Swanson a fitness trainer from Giamnalva and I made the decision it’s now or never I’m not getting any younger. I had to stop making excuses that I’m too busy to work out. I do many things each and everyday. I am a stay home mom but I run the house, taxi for kids, sewing business,JTT coordinator and volunteer where I can for kids schools and outside activities. Realized how can I keep all this up if I do not take care of me.

I began working out doing yoga classes, personal training, Zumba and of course tennis while my children train on courts here at Giammalva. People always say it takes 21 days to form a habit and it’s true! I love working out and when I finish I feel so energized and feel at peace with everything. I have noticed I have more patience and am a little more relaxed instead of overwhelmed and frustrated. My thoughts on doing fitness has changed and I feel it’s an important part of my day.

I also know that fitness is not the only thing to a happier healthier you but what we consume. The old me loved fatty foods, sodas and sweets. I know in order to be fit you must watch what you eat. “You are what you eat”.. I use to laugh at that but it’s true. I have changed my eating habits to veggies, fish and chicken. I was one who always thought I do not want to eat rabbit food! There are so many great healthy recipes for veggies and protein. The great thing is I do not change my cooking for the family; we all eat the same thing. Therefore, I feel like I’m teaching my girls good habits as well.

I have also learned losing weight and making your life healthier is a marathon. Nothing happens overnight; so I tell myself “I am strong and can do anything”. Takes commitment, strength, and patience; therefore, as long as you work hard you can meet your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have been doing fitness on a regular basis and watch what I consume. My daily intake is veggies through out the day with protein with my dinner. Most important I make sure to drink lots of water. I began this adventure in the later part of January and I have noticed and feel a difference in the ways my clothes fit. However, I still have a ways to go.