Developing athletic coordination and movement is a process spanning years of focused training. It won’t happen overnight and it’s best to begin before your child reaches adolescence. Athletes who don’t begin then miss their chance for optimal coordination and athletic ability development. That’s why tennis lessons for kids are so important.

Movement and Coordination Training for Kids

The 3 or 4 years leading into adolescence is a crucial time for an athlete’s overall training and development. While a child’s natural athletic abilities do play a role, improvements can be made regardless utilizing the following principles:

1) Coordination development begins early.

The elements of good coordination such as balance and reaction time are developed over years of practice and training. New skills and movements build on previous training. Coordination training for young athletes is a determining factor of future athletic prowess and ability at any sport.  

2) Appropriate challenge is essential.

Everyone is born with a set of athletic and mental strengths and weaknesses. It’s critical to give each child training that challenges them appropriately, given their innate abilities. Training should be designed to uncover and strengthen weaknesses while enhancing strengths. To reach their full potential, children should be challenged substantially, but not too much.

3) Keep it fresh.

It’s important to keep young athletes engaged both physically AND mentally. There are sufficient drills and basic exercises available to keep it fresh and challenging for each child. Rotate exercises often for well-balanced athletic development while keeping it interesting.

Champions in Training

Young athletes are future champions in training. The skills and abilities they are developing are not the end goal, but steps and phases along the way to greatness. One of the most crucial components for every athlete is their training in movement and coordination. It’s critical to start young, keep them appropriately challenged, and to keep them mentally and physically engaged in the training.  If we, their parents and coaches, do this over time we’ll see the champions begin to rise within them.

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