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Giammalva Racquet Club 


Giammalva Racquet Club, located in Northwest Houston, is a tennis club where friends and families can join for fun and fitness. Adult and youth programs were designed to build participants’ agility, strength, and tennis techniques. We promote tennis, fitness and health, family involvement, and friendships. We are more than just a facility; we are a lifestyle.


Giammalva Racquet Club

Giammalva History

Founder Sammy Giammalva, is a former tennis pro ranked 30 in the world men’s tennis by the age of 18. After attending Rice University and getting married, Sammy worked as tennis director for five years. However, he desired an encouraging atmosphere where friends and family could come together for one common purpose tennis. That’s when Sammy decided to open this racquet club in March 2000, where he and the entire Giammalva staff have provided a fun, social, and active environment ever since.

New owners Victor Piñones, Helga Piñones, and Anand Krishnan are excited to carry on Sammy’s legacy and strive to keep improving every aspect of this great club!

Our Mission

Tennis, health, and fitness personalized and individualized to meet you and your family’s goals and lifestyle in a fun, social, and healthy environment.

Tennis Programs & Classes


Sammy and other USPTA teaching pros offer all levels of training from beginner to advanced tennis players. It’s our dedicated and professional team of coaches and staff members who make Giammalva a friendly and upbeat place to be!
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Want to play in a group, tournament, or get lessons? View our adult and youth tennis services.